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Aga Cooker Module




Integrated or freestanding conventional stove to accompany your AGA

Make your AGA stove even more versatile with an Integrated Module or Freestanding Module - the perfect companions to your choice of AGA.

Integrated Module
The Integrated Module gives you even more choice and flexibility. Working alongside, but independently to your 2, 3 or 4-oven AGA stove, it gives you the option of a fan oven and a four-burner gas hob. There's also an integral, rapid-response ceramic grill that cooks your food evenly with minimal loss of moisture - making it taste even better.

The ideal cooking companion for your AGA heat storage stove, the Integrated Module fits neatly at its left-hand side. Available in dual fuel, the temperature controls are convenient and easy to use.

Colour options to match your AGA stove are also available. Note, however, that as minor colour changes can occur on a heat storage stove due to its unique heat properties, matching an Integrated Module may lead to subtle colour differences.

Freestanding Module
The Freestanding Module is built to stand alone and for added flexibility can be conveniently positioned anywhere in the kitchen.

In addition to a fan oven, there's a four-burner gas hob. There's also an integral, fast-response ceramic grill that cooks your food evenly with minimal loss of moisture. The four-burner hob gives instant heat and control as you require it.

Badge options are available; models come in dual fuel and there is a selection of colours to match your AGA stove.

Both Modules can be bought with your AGA heat storage stove or at a later date for retro fitting.

Key Features

  • Integral grill
  • Conventional oven
  • Fan oven
  • Gas four-ring hob

Integral grill ­- located within the top oven, the integral grill is engineered for even heat distribution, meaning it cooks with a direct, dry heat for fast, flavoursome results.

Conventional oven - its heat zones make it the ideal, versatile oven for all types of cooking and it's large enough to hold a 7.25kg (16lb) turkey.

Fan oven - moves hot air quickly past the food, significantly reducing cooking times. This cooking process eliminates hot spots, allowing food to cook more evenly.

Gas four-ring hob - the four-burner gas hob has flames that can be easily increased and decreased for instant and controllable heat.

How It's Made

Cast-iron lies at the heart of every AGA stove. It's why almost our entire principal casting work is undertaken at the Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire - the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. In 1709, Abraham Darby became the first person to smelt iron using coke instead of charcoal, a breakthrough that began the modern industrial age.

The Coalbrookdale foundry is also the location that AGA stoves have been built to the highest of standards for generations, creating a reputation for quality and excellence.

Every AGA stove is hand-built. And while most manufacturers spray-paint their stoves in seconds, an AGA stove is coated in enamel and then individually inspected and dried. Then it's fused in the furnace at temperatures of up to 1517ºF for 45 minutes. This process is undertaken three times over three days. During that time, if any form of minor blemish is found on the item, it's sent straight back for shot blasting. The process then begins again and the stove will only be approved once it boasts a gleaming vitreous enamel finish.

Prices (inc. GST)

Standard/Signature Colour $8,384

Technical Specifications - Integrated Modules

2-oven and 3-oven AGA with Integrated Module


1598mm (w) x 679mm (d) x 851mm (h)

Fuel options

Dual fuel (natural gas or propane hob and electric oven)

4-oven AGA with Integrated Module


2098mm (w) x 679mm (d) x 851mm (h)

Fuel options

Dual fuel (natural gas or propane hob and electric oven)


Technical Specifications - Freestanding Module


595mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 910mm (h)


129 kg

Fuel options

Dual fuel (natural gas or propane hob and electric oven)


Energy rating (Integrated and Freestanding Modules)


Energy Consumption kWh






Warranty information
When you become an AGA owner we like to ensure you receive the best after care service possible and also give you peace of mind that if any issues arise with your new AGA heat-storage stove they are dealt with to no extra cost to you. All new AGA heat-storage stoves come with a five-year parts warranty and one-year labour warranty.

A fully comprehensive warranty booklet comes with the AGA stove.